society and economics

Why socialism and communism are the future.


As someone who was born and raised in a socialist country, Jugoslavija, I felt it was important to make people hear the other side of the story. The reality that was denied to people who thought their “democratic” and “free” countries were free from brainwash and deception from their own governments.

I felt some perspective was needed especially as the brutal break-up of my country had been prepared and orchestrated by those very countries that pretend in public to be “defenders” of, in reality, imaginary concept they call “democracy” but in fact they are peddling a dictatorial multiparty system that is anything but democratic.

Capitalism is a hypocrisy designed by greedy criminals that leads to a slavery through deception and manipulation. People in capitalism do not realise that they are already enslaved and stripped of their rights because they can still buy them. Provided they have the money. But, once they do not have a job, they are on the street, usually left to their own destiny by the same “democratic” government.

So, read my articles and give them a thought. Everything I write will be documented to show you how you are being lied to. There will be no “conspiracy theories” here, only the facts. No need for any “theories”. The reality is fully documented and more distressing than any “theory” you can imagine.



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