society and economics

Why socialism and communism are the future.

As someone who was born and bred in a socialist country, Jugoslavija, then as a kid ended up in a war that did not make sense, was a horror experience, threw me out of my homeland and left me fighting for a sense of belonging in an unnatural environment of a foreign country where my parents sought a refuge from murderers pretending to “fight for democracy” with guns and knifes;  I consider myself experienced enough to talk about what I have seen and learned. I have now a very good understanding of how capitalism works, and can compare that to what I have seen in socialism. While I was too young to take sides back in 1991 due to inexperience and age, today I am ready for a fight. An intellectual one, mind you. I have seen enough blood and heard enough screams of people having their bodies pierced by knives (a weapon of choice of those “democratic” murderers who destroyed Jugoslavija) to prefer a word as a weapon.

It is okay if you disagree with my preference for socialism. You most likely have no idea what you are talking about anyway, even if you are from Jugoslavija. Everyone I know from my homeland today admits that it was MUCH, MUCH better then than today in “freedom”, “democracy” and all that bull. Many people who still live in banana states left behind this grandiose and beautiful country I still call my home, agree too. And they come from all sides of political spectrum, including the far right that was behind the break-up and destruction of the best country ever on the surface of this sad and tired old planet. So, if you disagree, feel free to forget about this site. There are many sites on the internet that will be more to your taste.

I spent the last 20 years reading everything I could find, learning from people who were there, many of them killing their neighbours for some violent and outright stupid ideals they now came to accept to be the most idiotic thing they had ever done – and may I say with extreme pleasure that they are now suffering in more ways than one for that stupidity – studying the society I was barely getting to know when I was ripped out of it and thrown into the jaws of capitalist “democracy” and “freedom” in a country far from my own, where people speak their own language, have their own customs and history and were looking down on me with annoying empathy that I never learned how to accept. I felt as I was an invalid with one leg, or an eye, only in need of constant care and emotional support.

Feeling like an eagle among the pigeons, I set out to find why was I feeling like that and who forced me to live a life of an immigrant when I never asked for it, nor did I ever wanted to be one. I admit my starting point was my animosity towards the “paradise on earth” that capitalism sells itself to be. From my perspective not only it was not any sort of paradise, it was an abomination. A monstrosity that was behind my forced live in exile. And it was a cold and heartless society that resembled not the image it was portraying of itself.

It was a prison that could not possibly compare favourably with the worst of socialism in my country. Yet, many people in capitalist country I lived in were convinced I should feel lucky for being now “free”…So, here’s my take on that “freedom” and “prosperity” and my opinion as to why it actually is everything but “freedom” and “prosperity”.  Just one note: fell free to comment, but comments I do not like will be deleted. There’s is no democracy here. This is my personal blog. I make the rules.


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